27.09.2023 Radio Gong Würzburg: Levi was at Andy Puhl’s Radio Gong „Late Night Show“ between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. as a „local hero. He was able to talk about his music, producing and performing his songs. It was a great experience.

01.09.2023 radiohashtag+: Release Day of „What it feels like“ feat. Vlad Bohdan. The song will be presented and played several times on release day.

30.08.2023 Bayern 3: Presentation of the song „What it feels like“ feat. Vlad Bohdan. The song is listed in the „Heimatshit“ section.

09.06.2023 TV Mainfranken: TV Report -> Watch here

08.06.2023 Mainpost: Mention in the article „Umsonst & Draussen in Würzburg ist eröffnet“ -> Read more

19.04.2023 Mainpost: Mention in the article „Neues „Mitmachfestival“ in Schweinfurt“ -> Read more

05.03.2023 MainDing: Act before HbZ -> Read more

28.01.2023 Kika (ARD, ZDF): TV Report – I show Ben Blümel how to produce EDM-Music -> Watch here

19.11.2022 Stelle-FM – Das Hitradio: The Song „Need to break“ was played with song information

20.07.2022 Mainpost: Newspaper Article „Wie fühlt es sich an, auf der Bühne zu stehen, DJ Levi?“ -> Read here

28.05.2022 TikTok: A video about my performance at Schlaraffenklang-Festival that went viral on tiktok with 1.1 millions views -> Watch here

02.04.2022 SuperRTL, Toggo: TV Report about me and my music -> Watch here

18.03.2022 Bayern 3: Article on „Levi Eraxx aus Iphofen überrascht die Musikwelt“ -> Read here

16.03.2022 Bayern 3: The Song „Need to break“ is played in the Newcomer Show in Bayern 3 with Sascha Seelemann.

02.12.2021 ELMA: Article about me and my music in ELMA

27.08.2021 TV Mainfranken: TV Report -> Watch here

17.08.2021 radiohashtagplus: Interview on Radiostation.

12.08.2021 BR24: Article on BR24 -> Read here

12.08.2021 Bayern 1: Interview on Radiostation

05.08.2021 Mainpost: Newspaper article in the Mainpost „Iphöfer DJ im Radio“ -> Read here

07.07.2021 Bayern3: My produced Song „Forever“ was played in the newcomer show with Björn Strößner

In addition, my songs were played on some different radio stations around the world. Many thanks for the feedback and the support!!!